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The last couple of years we have travelled in Europe to Show Andy & Nickie.

We have had a great time & achieved a lot. Thank you to the judges.  



"Andy" born 08-12-1995   Dawnanda´s Don Avitchi


Eunice Westley:


Eight months old, light shaded, very pleasing, makes a lovely picture. Lovely expression, well placed ears, broad flat scull, correct shape of eyes, good pigment and bite, good bone, beautifully balanced, moved and showed very well. Excellent type, very promising.  


Rodney Oldham:


Most attractive young male, head maturing at the correct rade, excellent small thick ears, balance between muzzle and skull, good front, well boned all around, short thick hocks and tiny feet, moves well.


Jack Trick:


A topclass male, superb bone and legs, catlike feet, shown in a professional manner. The headpiece is a classic, muzzle of correct proportions, eyes of perfect shape. Overall a very impressive male, I wish he was mine.

A Champion in England as well.


Ken Bullock:


First class, beautifully balanced dog. Superb head, small ears well placed, very good neck and shoulders, deep chest, well ribbed, typical movement, first class coat and furnishings.


Diana Phillips:


Most beautifully constructed dog all over. He has the most beautiful head and expression, correct mouth and pigment, clean dark eyes, but maybe a little small. Flat skull and excellent ears. Proud neck carriage. Beautiful bone, legs and feet. Superbly constructed body, good tailset, excellent coat and condition, lovely temperament. I think he has an excellent future.


Shirley Varley:


Beautifully shown & presented. Masculine without exaggeration. Excellent bone & pigment. Eyes clean & dark. Broad flat skull, finished with excellent ears. Excellent temperament. Excellent size & shape. Movement excellent. Tailset very good.


Marianne Baden:


Really an excellent Chow, Beautiful head, lovely small ears, lovely muzzle, correct bite, full set of teeth, lovely pigmentation. Lovely bone and body, lovely cat feet, lovely coat and condition. Moves like a dream.


Joy O´Connor:


Good size, lovely overall balance. Lovely head and expression, nice small dark eyes, nice broad skull, short deep muzzle, good earplacement and carriage, good rech of neck, good top line, good tailset, well developed body, good strong bone, nice free mover, good coat and condition.


M. N. van Gelderen-Parker:

Beautiful type, masculine well proportioned head with lovely dark eyes, good ear set, strong bone, neat feet, typical hindquarters, well developed body, strong back, shows typical chow movements.




David Robbins:


Very well boned dog of lovely balance, good spring of rib, short coupled, excellent tight tailset, catlike feet, lovely head with good bite and pigment, ears slightly wide apart, but a lovely overall picture.


Linda Squires:


Medium sized red presented and handled well. Masckulin head without being overdone. Neat thick well placed ears. Small dark eyes. Excellent bite and pigmentation. Good rib, level topline. Excellent in bone, front and rear. A worthy Champion.


Arlene Robinson:


Most beautiful balanced dog. Masculine head but no wrinkles. The best small thick ears. Superbe bone. Beautiful feet. Excellent ribcage and body. Lovely tailset. Beautiful bone in backlegs which comletes the overall balance. Movement excellent.




 "Nickie" born 20.05.1993   Dawnanda´s Dominique


Shirley Varley:


Extremely pretty, beautifully balanced. Beautiful catlike feet. Well boned. Good straight front. Small clean dark eyes. Excellent mouth & pigment. Excellent tailset. Movement excellent. Ideally wish she was a little larger. Excellent representative of the breed. Shown & presented well.


Arlene Robinson:


A lovely feminin bitch, lovely feminine head, tiny neat little ears, lovely eyes, good pigment, stands well,  beautiful balanced body, excellent tailset, lovely rear movement.


Sheila Jakeman:


A bit small, but very pretty, nice expression, lovely eyes, correct ears, good body shape, nicely boned, good tailset, beautiful presented, handled well, moves OK.


Eunice Westley:


3 years old, light shaded red, lovely feminine head, broad flat skull, small well placed ears, nice clean eyes, good bite and excellent pigmentation, well boned, beautifully balanced, well presented, moved and showed very well, excellent type.


Rodney Oldham:


Oh so pretty, extremely feminine but typical CHOW, lovely expression, tiniest of ears, good eye, broad front, moves typically but slightly short steps.


M. McCarthy:


Lovely overall type, clearly feminine in outline, attractive head with good ears, well made in neck and front, firm topline with good solid body, well behind, moves very freely coming and going.


Wendy Slatyer:


Very good type, lovely size, correct head with good expression and lovely ears, good outline, lovely bone and strong hindquarters with typical movement, good coat and correct attitude.


Marianne Baden:


A really beautiful feminine bitch, lovely head and expression, good skull and well placed correct ears, beautiful dark eyes, good muzzle, lovely neck and top line, lovely high set tail, good bone, lovely cat feet, stands and moves wonderful, well presented.


Diana Phillips:


Beautiful balanced, attractive feminine head, correct mouth and pigment, beautiful dark clean eyes, lovely flat skull, well placed thick small ears, good chest, excellent legs and feet well op on toes, beautiful body, short straight hocks, excellent tail placement, moved very well behind, in beautiful coat and condition, superb temperament, a very worthy Champion.


Jack Trick:


Superb front on this bitch, a head of quality, being out of coat does not hide anything, good mover back and front, high tail set, correct in rib, all over a pleasing bitch.


Linda Squires:


Medium size, light red, very feminine in appearance. Loved her head type which consisted all the requirements of the breed. Neat, well placed thick ears. Good front and tail set, well bodied. Adequate bone. She stood four square. Good rear movement. A worthy Champion.


Ken Bullock:


Compact bitch, very nice head and expression, well shaped eyes, small well set ears, good bone and feet, good ribbing, very good tail set.


Sandra Stafford:


Typy bitch with expressive feminine head, correct skull and muzzle proportion, neat thick correctly placed ears, correct pigmentation and bite, arched neck giving proud head carriage, correct texture of coat, would just have preferred a little more length of leg, moved quite well


Kari Nylen:


Very good feminine representative of the breed, lovely head and expression, nice body, correct tail, beautiful coat, moves typically.


Tuula Tammelin:


Six years old, beautiful and feminine and with a proudly lifted noble head, strong bone, stands and moves well on cat feet, moderate angulated, high set tail lying on the back, correct shaped very beautiful head, excellent pigmentation, well placed legs, good width, moves proudly with the typical stilted gait with brief and quick steps, beautiful profuse, dense stand-off coat.


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